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Mini Microcentrifuge: LabDoctor 12


The LabDoctor 12 mini centrifuge has been designed to avoid switching our rotors between micro and PCR tubes. The included, unique COMBI-Rotor™ is all that is required for running 12 microtubes and 4 PCR strips simultaneously, while still maintaining a small bench top footprint. Affordable LabDoctor 12 mini centrifuges permits every lab bench to have one.


LabDoctor 12 mini centrifuge features:

  • Unique COMBI-Rotor™, for micro tubes, PCR tubes/strips
    • Never need to switch rotors out
    • Never lose extra parts
  • Double the capacity in a single unit
    • Small benchtop footprint
  • Near silent operation
    • Starts & stops within seconds
    • Spins up to 5500 rpm

Unlike traditional mini centrifuges, the COMBI-Rotor™ of the LabDoctor 12 mini centrifuge allows you to spin 12 microtubes and 4PCR strip tubes simultaneously and is ideal for quick spins up to 5500 rpm. Personalize every lab bench with a new LabDoctor 12 mini centrifuge.

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