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TPP Cell and Tissue Culture PlasticWare

TPP Cultureware from MIDSCI ® improves cell health and provides reliable experimental results.

Tissue Culture

  • Flatter, more consistent growth surface for

    a more consistent monolayer

  • Integrated vents ensure even temperature

    distribution when stacked


Our innovative liquid handling technologies are flexible and reliable

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The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a powerful core molecular biology technique

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Liquid Nitrogen Cryovial Long term Storage transportation Capacity specific storage for laboratories of all need

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Latest News & Events

  • Selecting a DNA Gel Documentation Systems

    Selecting a DNA Gel Documentation Systems


    “Gel documentation systems are a necessity in any laboratory that works with DNA. Equipment for gel documentation has evolved from simple UV lights and Polaroid cameras to advanced digital data-acquisition and -analysis systems … [As such,] It can be difficult to narrow down such a broad field of commercially available instruments.

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  • The Importance of Cryogenics in Biobanking

    The Importance of Cryogenics in Biobanking


    Biobanks are biorepositories that store samples such as human bodily fluids, cells, and tissues for use in scientific esearch. With the goal of improving our understanding of health and various diseases, these biobanks offer access to a multitude of samples and data representing a large number of people. Biosamples and data acquired from the samples are often used in cross purpose research studies.

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  • Selecting the Right Microplate Reader for Your Laboratory

    Selecting the Right Microplate Reader for Your Laboratory


    When it comes to selecting the right microplate reader for your laboratory, there are a few things to consider besides the cost and accessories. Some of the more important distinctions used to classify microplate readers are the wavelengths they work with, how they acquire a spectrum, and detection parameters which can be absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, or combinations thereof. In this post, we briefly review each of the different detection parameters to help you determine which combinations would work best for your laboratory.

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  • Technical Bulletin: DNA Staining and Imaging

    Technical Bulletin: DNA Staining and Imaging


    When separating DNA via electrophoresis, it is most common for the gels to be stained so the DNA bands can be visualized.  In this technical bulletin, we highlight some features of alternative DNA staining and imaging approaches that is both effective and safe for the end user.

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"Thanks so much for your technical help and for the samples. I always appreciate the service I get from you guys at MIDSCI; you're the best!"

Jeff - University of Kansas

"I liked the design of the flasks...the neck is way high up so that there is no chance of the media going to the neck and causing contamination..."

Piyali Dasgupta - Marshall University

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