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Our Laboratory Consultants are experts in product knowledge.We are well equipped to determine the quality and value of productsbased on years of experience in the life science research industry andcommunication with our manufacturers.
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TPP Cell and Tissue Culture PlasticWare

TPP Cultureware from MIDSCI ® improves cell health and provides reliable experimental results.

Tissue Culture

  • Flatter, more consistent growth surface for

    a more consistent monolayer

  • Integrated vents ensure even temperature

    distribution when stacked


Our innovative liquid handling technologies are flexible and reliable

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The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a powerful core molecular biology technique

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Liquid Nitrogen Cryovial Long term Storage transportation Capacity specific storage for laboratories of all need

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Latest News & Events

  • Are you in the market for cold storage equipment?

    Are you in the market for cold storage equipment?

    June 13

    Although a seemingly easy decision, choosing the right cold storage equipment is critical for protecting your valuable samples and reagents. Improperly stored samples can cost weeks, if not months, of lost work and thousands of dollars.  To this end, it is worth taking a closer look at your options when choosing the right kind of freezer for your valuable research samples.  In this post we discuss what to consider when buying a low and ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer.  

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  • MIDSCI Announces Partnership with PerkinElmer

    MIDSCI Announces Partnership with PerkinElmer

    May 6

    MIDSCI is proud to announce a partnership with PerkinElmer. MIDSCI now exclusively offers Perkin Elmer’s Victor line of plate readers. We also carry ECL reagents and a family of homogeneous, no-wash, luciferase assays.  

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  • ATP monitoring system as an effective proliferation assay

    ATP monitoring system as an effective proliferation assay

    Apr 27

    There are a number of cell proliferation assays and each measure the number of cells via a different method: number of cell division, DNA synthesis, metabolic activity, antigens associated with cell proliferation and ATP concentration.  Here we briefly highlight a few of the more common assays to measure proliferation, viability, and cytotoxicity.  We also highlight some key features of bioluminescence-based detection of intracellular ATP concentrations as a measure of cell number.   

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  • PCR Troubleshooting Guide

    PCR Troubleshooting Guide


    This two part guide was put together to assist you in the troubleshooting of PCR reactions in the event that there was no product produced or a product of the wrong size was produced.  In the first post, we discussed various optimization strategies to get a good product yield of the appropriate size.

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"Thanks so much for your technical help and for the samples. I always appreciate the service I get from you guys at MIDSCI; you're the best!"

Jeff - University of Kansas

"I liked the design of the flasks...the neck is way high up so that there is no chance of the media going to the neck and causing contamination..."

Piyali Dasgupta - Marshall University

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